Systems Integrator:

Thunderbird Communications is looking for a very bright, hard working, articulate individual to implement SCADA solutions. Experience with SCADA is a plus but is not required. Excellent general computer skills and good communication skills are required. High proficiency on Windows operating systems is a must, and experience with SQL database, coding, and networking is highly desirable.

This job is unique and is not for everybody with computer knowledge. Although it often involves sitting at a desk, it also involves time in the field. Prospective employees should be comfortable with at a desk or in the field, conversing with consulting engineers or working with treatment plant workers. Because Thunderbird Communications is a small company, you will be required to master many skills that are often specialized in larger companies. This can be difficult, but will be rewarding to the type of individual that likes a challenging environment with an overview of the big picture, working on a project beginning with conversations with the customer, on through to project implementation.

Main responsibilities will include HMI development, PLC programming, radio communications, implementation and documentation. Travel is often required, mainly between Reno and the bay area, but also in southern California, Hawaii, and Guam.

This is an entry level position with great opportunity for growth, and profit sharing will commence after one year of employment. We are looking for a long term employee that will be instrumental in helping Thunderbird Communications to grow in the long term.

If you are interested in a high tech career as described above, but would prefer living in the Sierra foothills instead of Silicon Valley, please email your resume to Tom Swick.



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