ACE3600 Training

Thunderbird Communications offers ACE3600 training for both beginning and more advanced users. Training can be provided at our facility in Auburn, CA, or we can come to your location.

Basic Training

  • ACE3600 Overview
  • STS Programming Software
  • Site Configuration
  • Application Programming
    • Database Programming
    • Ladder Diagram Programming
  • Network Configuration for Store-and-Forward Repeating
  • Modbus Configuration and Addressing
  • IP Interface
  • Hardware Test and Calibration
  • Error Logger
  • STS Utilities
  • Generic FIU/RTU Application Setup

Advanced Training

  • Advanced Application Programming
  • Advanced Generic FIU/RTU Application Programming
  • 'C' Programming Overview
  • RTU to RTU Communications
  • Protocol Analyzer
  • Software Diagnostics

Please contact us for pricing, training reservations, and scheduling.

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