Motorola ACE3600 Series RTUs

Local Processing of a PLC

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Superior Communications of an RTU

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ACE3600: an All-in-One High-Performance Unit

This modular RTU can be expanded with multiple, simultaneously operating communication ports in a range of industry protocols. The communication capability is specifically designed to support secure communications over diverse networks.


The ACE3600 supports up to 5 ports and can simultaneously communicate over RS-232, RS-485, radio and IP, while using the same or different protocols.

Supported radios include:

  • Analog converntional radios
  • Analog or digital trunked systems
  • Multiple Address Systems
  • Telephone/leased lines and fiber-optic links
  • Microwave and satellite
  • Wired and Wireless IP networks

Benefits of the MDLC (Motorola Data Link Communications) protocol include remote monitoring, troubleshooting, programming, and seamless store-and-forward communications between units over a mixture of different media and protocols.


The ACE3600 allows seamless integration with multiple PLCs, RTUs, and Intelligent Electronic Devices (IED), making it flexible in several industries.

Motorola Value Added Reseller

Thunderbird Communications offers full upgrades of old Motorola MOSCAD RTU systems. Additionally, we offer maintenance and programming of these older units if upgrades are not possible.

For any purchase inquiries on parts, either for ACE3600 or MOSCAD RTUs (including MOSCAD-M and MOSCAD-L RTUs), please send us a message!